Sunday, January 8, 2012

Days Four & Five *Green & Blue*

Day 4- I am not a huge fan of green nail polish, I feel that it doesn't suit my skin tone. I wanted to try out the green nail polish I had so kind of did a tartan pattern. The colours I used are Avon- Nailwear Pro in Electric Green, LA Colors- Art Deco in Green Glitter and BYS- Neon Green (Nail art). I know the pictures are out of focus as I had an issue taking a good picture of them but you get the general idea.

Day 5- I think these are my favourite so far, I know I have done the ombre effect already but I like the blue so much better, I have so many bottles of blue nail polish that I didn't know what 5 to use, I could have done 10 differnent shades but thought that might be a bit much. The colours I used are (L-R) Barry M- Navy nail paint, BYS- Matte Blue, H&M- Blue Sky, Essie- Coat Azure and Chi Chi- Gimme Gimme a Man. I think Essie Coat Azure is my favourite of all my blue shades, it has a subtle shimmer and is a perfect blue shade.

I used Salley Hansen's Mega Shine on all my nails and it is my favourite top coat of all time!! It is really shiny and kind of gives my nails a wet look. I want to try Seche Vite but it can be hard to get hold of in New Zealand.

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  1. hi Harriet..
    For Seche Vite try trademe, thats where i got mine and its amazing! just be careful of the dreaded shrinkage :)