Saturday, January 14, 2012

Days Eight, Nine & Ten *Metallic, Rainbow & Gradient*

 Day 8- I just picked up this metallic polish, it is Kleancolor- Midnight Queen, it is a really pretty green/blue colour that I fell in love with when I saw it. I don't think this needs much explantion.

Day 9- Rainbow nails seemed like it would be really fun and it was. I painted my nails white (Sally Hansen-Xtreme wear- White Out) and then painted rainbow lines using BYS nail art polishes in Pink, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Neon Green and Purple. These were fun to do and didn't take too long. After I did mine my Nana wanted hers done the same so I spent some time doing hers like it too which was fun.

Day 10- I didn't have much time to do gradient nails as I was on holiday at my parents place so by the time I got back to Wellington it was late and I was tired and had to be up for work at 5am!!! The colours I used for the gradient nails are Rimmel- I love Lasting Finish in Hot Shot and BYS Matte Deep Berry and Black Cherry, I tried to get a good gradient effect but the Deep Berry colour was too similar to Hot Shots so there isn't much diffence, it still worked just not as well as I had hoped.

Sorry the uploads have been slow, I have been changing my nails everyday but have had computer issues so haven't been able to upload as much.

Hopefully everyone is having a good night, I think I might try upload some more posts so you can see my progress.

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