Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where have I gone?

I know I haven't updated this blog in months!! Naughty Harriet!!!! But I have been super crazy! I spent 6 weeks in plaster so couldn't drive myself anywhere and just generally felt sorry for myself :(
I also moved house and we had no internet for over a month. I also don't have a camera at the moment to take any photos, so its pretty much impossible to blog pictures of nails when I don't have photos to show you.
I am going to be starting a new job in just over a week so I will save up my money and buy a new camera when I can and then I can do some more blogging. That is all for now but I will be back soon xxx

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Thirty & Thrity-One *Inspired by a Tutorial & Favourite*

Day 30- One of my favourite channels on Youtube is Cute Polish, I love her designs because they are so simple but so pretty at the same time. I decided to do her nautical nail design for today as my 3 favourite colours are Red, Blue & White. These were really simple but looked really cool and I got lots of compliments on them at work.

Day 31- I had a tough time which mani I liked best but I think the inspired by fashion nails were my favourite so I repeated those. I haven't uploaded a picture as you all know what they look like.

I have had so much fun this month and need to think of something else to do now. If anyone has any ideas feel free to give me some tips. I am going to have a couple of days off now and then I might get a parafin manicure after I have moved this weekend. My mum and sister are coming to help me move as I have a cast on my leg at the moment :( and to celebrate my birthday with me too.

Day Twenty-Eight & Twenty-Nine *Inspired by a Flag & Inspired by the Supernatural*

Day 28- I have done flag nails before so that's why I knew I could do this mani easily, I had was inspired by the countries of the Rugby World Cup that was held in New Zealand in late 2011. I used a selection of nail art polishes to do this mani (sorry about the photo's, my camera was dead and forgot to charge it before I changed the mani). The countries I did on my left hand were Scotland, South Africa, USA, Ireland & England and on my right they were Japan, Argentina, France, Wales & New Zealand. This manicure was pretty easy to do and I loved the way they turned out.

Day 29- My plan for the supernatural was to do some ghosts on my nails but I changed my mind when I founf this glow in the dark nail polish from CR. The idea I had was to do glow in the dark nails with black shatter (Barry M's black crackle polish) over the top which was fine and looked really cool when it glowed but it was impossible to get a photo of them. I also had to do about 10 coats of polish to make it glow!!! Not a fun game at all!!! I felt like I had fake nails on all day. This was still a fun mani to do and think they look cute for halloween.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day Twenty-Six & Twenty-Seven *Inspired by a Pattern & Inspired by Artwork*

Day 26- I hadn't planned on doing this pattern for today's mani but I was browsing some art deco pictures online when I found this picture of Halsbury Chamblers in Napier (my hometown). As soon as a saw this picture I knew I wanted to use it for my nails, I love the colours and the depth of the pattern. I painted my nails white (Sally Hansen- Xtreme wear in White on) and used an old eyeliner brush to paint on the patten in BYS- Peach. The mani didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but it's still pretty.

Day 27- There were so many pictures I was inspired by for today, but I finally settled on Jackson Pollock's Lavender Mist. I didn't completely copy the style but as it says, its an inspiration. I painted all my nails white and then thinned down some black (Leiyu Turbo Colour in Black), taupe (OPI's You Don't Know Jacques) and gold (Sally Hansen-Crackle overcoat in Antique Gold) with a small amount of nail polish remover and then randomly dripped each colour over each nail, it's not too splattered like Lavender Mist but I still love it!

Day Twenty-Four & Twenty-Five *Inspired by a Book & Inspired by Fashion*

Day 24- A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark woods... One of my favourite stories of all time is the Gruffalo, it's so simple but one of the sweetest children's books ever!! I really love the way my Gruffalo nails look and I think these (with or without the Gruffalo) would make a really fun mani for a dress up party. I used a lot of different polishes for this manicure and mixed a couple of colours (OPI- You don't know Jacques and Essie- Lady Godvia) together to get the right 'Gruffalo' Brown, I also used Chi Chi- Gimme Gimme a Man for the sky and Avon-Nailwear Pro in Electric Green and LA Colors Mini in Green for the trees. The rest of the details on the Gruffalo were done with various nail art polishes. I finished this manicure off with Sally Hansen's Insta Dry which added a really pretty shine. I tried to paint a mini mouse onto my thumb's but it looked like a small splodge of nothing so I took that off.

Day 25- My all time favourite fashion designer is John Galliano, I know he has caused a lot of controversy over the last year but there is no denying how talented he is. When I was studying I did a presentation on his work and completely fell in love with his sense of style. I love the way he can make a completely crazy couture gown look so normal but stand out from everything around it. I chose to use a dress from his 2008 collection, I am not too sure which season it is but I love this dress!!! I painted 2 coats of OPI's- Lourve me, Lourve me not and then added multi coloured mini jewels to the end and applied a fast drying top coat to seal them together. I love this manicure I would love to wear this everyday but I feel it might be a bit much for that.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day Twenty-Three *Inspired by a Movie*

Day 23- My favourite movie of all time is The Devil Wears Prada, I don't think I could count the amount of times I have watched it so I knew this would be the movie I would use for today. I had so many big ideas for this manicure but I failed on all of them so I stuck to the shoe on a white background, Sally Hansen's-Xtreme wear in White on, with some red glitter. Simple yet effective I think. I painted the shoe free hand with a BYS Nail art polish in red and but Princessa red glitter over it. I really like these nails but they look a bit messy.

Day Twenty-One & Twenty-Two *Inspired by a Colour & Inspired by a Song*

Day 21- I had a few colours I wanted to use for this post but decided that Essie's- Masquerade Belle was the best name and it's such a pretty colour too!!! I had a masquerade party a few years ago and I have always liked cute masks so I thought I would do masks on my nails, I painted 2 coats of Masquerade Belle and then painted the tips with Rimmel's- I love lasting colour in Your Majesty and went around the edges of the mask with BYS black nail art polish. I think these are really cute and I'm very happy with them. I was also inspired by the mask I included.

Day 22- Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles is one of my favourite songs of all time, and I love the cover of it in Across the Universe so I decided to do something kind of trippy to go with the vibe of the song. I started off with 4 big blogs of different blue nail polishes (Chi Chi- Gimme Gimme a Man, Barry M- Navy, BYS- Matte Blue and Orly- It's Up to Blue) and swirled them together with a toothpick, while they were still wet I stuck little jewels randomly on surface and then let them dry. I used my $2 shop printing plate and printed pictures of cut diamonds with a silver polish on them. I then used silver glitter sprinkled over them and applied a fast drying top coat. I am very happy with these nails and wish I could have kept them on!