Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day Sixteen *Tribal Print*

Day 16- I have seen some really cool tribal prints online so I took inspiration from them and things I had seen in real life and kind of made up my own 'tribal print' and I am really happy with the way they turned out.
Firstly I painted my nails different sized stripes in 3 different colours, I used Essie's Merino Cool and Sand Tropez and Orly's Luxe, I think they look a little washed out on their own but when I added the black (BYS nail art polish) they really stood out, especially the gold. I don't know if the photo's I took really did them any justice but the gold was really pretty. I painted random black lines and dots over the stripes of colour and that's how I got this 'tribal' pattern.
I hope you like them, I think tomorrow's nails are going to be very simple but I love glitter so I can't wait!

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