Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Twenty-Eight & Twenty-Nine *Inspired by a Flag & Inspired by the Supernatural*

Day 28- I have done flag nails before so that's why I knew I could do this mani easily, I had was inspired by the countries of the Rugby World Cup that was held in New Zealand in late 2011. I used a selection of nail art polishes to do this mani (sorry about the photo's, my camera was dead and forgot to charge it before I changed the mani). The countries I did on my left hand were Scotland, South Africa, USA, Ireland & England and on my right they were Japan, Argentina, France, Wales & New Zealand. This manicure was pretty easy to do and I loved the way they turned out.

Day 29- My plan for the supernatural was to do some ghosts on my nails but I changed my mind when I founf this glow in the dark nail polish from CR. The idea I had was to do glow in the dark nails with black shatter (Barry M's black crackle polish) over the top which was fine and looked really cool when it glowed but it was impossible to get a photo of them. I also had to do about 10 coats of polish to make it glow!!! Not a fun game at all!!! I felt like I had fake nails on all day. This was still a fun mani to do and think they look cute for halloween.

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