Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Thirty & Thrity-One *Inspired by a Tutorial & Favourite*

Day 30- One of my favourite channels on Youtube is Cute Polish, I love her designs because they are so simple but so pretty at the same time. I decided to do her nautical nail design for today as my 3 favourite colours are Red, Blue & White. These were really simple but looked really cool and I got lots of compliments on them at work.

Day 31- I had a tough time which mani I liked best but I think the inspired by fashion nails were my favourite so I repeated those. I haven't uploaded a picture as you all know what they look like.

I have had so much fun this month and need to think of something else to do now. If anyone has any ideas feel free to give me some tips. I am going to have a couple of days off now and then I might get a parafin manicure after I have moved this weekend. My mum and sister are coming to help me move as I have a cast on my leg at the moment :( and to celebrate my birthday with me too.

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